Aotearoa - New Zealand's Indigenous Wellness Massage

Whakatau mai ra Whakatau mai ra I ngā manuhiri Whakatau mai ra Ki a koutou ngā Tauira o te, kaupapa o Mākoha Me te kaupapa o Mākoha Te hauora

O te tinana, te wairua Me te hinegaro hoki E ngā ri kei te Timata tautau Nā rei ra Whakatau mai ra, Whakatau mai ra Tenā koutou Tenā koutou Tenā Rā Tatou Katou

Elaine Denton

Elaine Denton

Founder, MHC (Masters of Health Care), PGDip Applied Pathophysiology, PGDip Cert Nursing Science, Registered Nurse. 

The Mākoha story From a pocket coastal village in New Zealand with serene names and beautiful, ancient healing ways - Elaine Denton’s Mākoha Spa comes from a great line of wise and gentle healers. There’s a little spring up high on Mt Taranaki, on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island. It’s name is ‘Rautini’. It flows into another spring, ‘Pungaērērē’, before the combined waters gently slide down from the mountain and into the sea at a small coastal town called Rahotu.

Elaine Denton’s Māori birth name is taken from the Pungaērērē spring (loosely and variously meaning ‘lush waterfall life’, ‘movement of the stars’, and ‘the beginning of life’).

Mākoha means natural gift and for the practitioner has a dimensional meaning that supports the kaupapa of this Miri Miri wellness dance

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